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7-Day Summer Detox Drink!

For those of you getting bikini ready and looking for a detox drink that actually works, look no further! I do this detox whenever I have an important event coming up and have just a few pounds I need to shed.


One gallon of water

1 lemon

4 TBSP honey

1/2 a cucumber

2 TBSP fresh mint leaves


Slice the cucumber and lemon into very thin slices. Something I like to do that other detox drinks don’t do. I like to soak the lemon slices in some local honey for two hours prior to making the drink. If you use local honey it can sometimes help with those of you who have seasonal allergies. It also boosts your memory and immune system. After the lemon has soaked for some time add the lemon, cucumbers, and crushed mint into one gallon of water. Let the water sit over night (about 8 hours) so the water will absorb all the nutrients. Drink slowly throughout the day and watch the weight come off!

Tip: For those of you who aren’t huge water drinkers at least try to drink half a gallon throughout the day.