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Three easy ways to turn leftover takeout into a full meal for your family!

1. Chinese Chicken and Broccoli

 I do this sometimes if I have a little leftover of chicken and broccoli along with a bag of Steamers Asian Medley. Cook the steamers Asian medley in the bag for 5 minutes in the microwave while you set the stove to medium-high heat with a tbsp of sesame oil and 1 clove of chopped garlic. Wait until the garlic is sauteed and then add in the chicken and broccoli along with the Asian medley. Add some light soy sauce and stir. Allow the stir fry to simmer for a few minutes and enjoy! If you need a bit more add in some of the leftover white or fried rice! 

2. Italian Greek/Side Salad 

Sometimes I will order a salad from the pizza parlor while my friends and I are also ordering pizza just for another meal the next day. Grill a chicken breast or two and season it the way you like. I like to keep it simple and just use salt, pepper, and fresh lemon juice. While that cooks I like to add spinach to the already existing salad. Usually however much lettuce already exists in the salad I add that much of spinach plus some (nothing wrong with a little extra iron)! Slice up the chicken, throw in some fresh grape tomatoes and add some garlic bread to the side and you’ve got yourself a meal! 

3. Chinese Fried Rice 

I’m sure we have all been in that situation where we order Chinese take out and are given a quart of white rice that we just end up throwing out! Instead of the normal white rice that comes with the food I always make sure to ask for fried rice instead, which is still measly compared to the regular fried rice HOWEVER, it’s very easy to jazz up. Heat up about 1 tablespoon of sesame oil in a wok or large skillet. Chop up either half or a whole white onion (depending on how much you need) and a package of peas and carrots frozen. Cook until the vegetables turn a light brown color, not too dark else it will taste bitter. Pour another tablespoon of sesame oil into the wok and crack two eggs into it as well, swirling immediately with a spoon (I prefer to use large chopsticks). Add any type of uncooked sliced chicken, pork, or beef to the wok and cook until meat is done. Add the fried rice along with some butter and 2 tbsp of light soy sauce. Enjoy! 

Comment below, I would love to hear your feedback and/or modifications you made to the recipe.

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